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Watch for the Light – Waiting in Hope

I don’t know about you, but for me this time of year is both gift and challenge. The early darkened skies each evening remind me that day is almost done – a welcome relief though not always paid attention to as a signal to stop doing what I am doing and go home!  There is […]

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Saints and Souls – A Feast for All

We are beginning to witness the autumn glory of color around us. Along with that, we give witness to the transforming leaves that fall to the ground and die. They serve as a reminder to all of us of the dying and rising we embrace each and every day in the spiritual life, until ultimately […]

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Where is God? – Sr. Joan Chittister

This morning God saved me again – from myself! Perhaps I am not very different from some of you reading this – discouraged by the tragedies, the pain, the suffering, and the uncertainties in our world. But in a recent email I received a weekly reflection from Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister – I share it […]

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A John Shea Story on Finding New Eyes

Not long ago I returned to my childhood home. I stood in the gangway between the two-flat I grew up in & the two-flat next door. When I was small, this gangway was a canyon. Now my shoulders nearly brushed the bricks of the two buildings. I looked up. The walls of the buildings squeezed […]

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Taking Time

My mother died in 1988 on the feast of Therese of Lisieux. Therese was her favorite saint, and I am sure as the day is long that Therese was waiting at the party in heaven for her – celebrating the peace she long deserved coming to its fullness.

This morning I realized that while grieving is […]

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Forgive As We are Forgiven – Love As We are Loved

Let’s face it. In the human experience, forgiveness gets complicated. The dynamics of righteousness, perceptions, stubbornness, anger, justification – often overshadow our desire to forgive. Have you ever experienced praying the Our Father & reached the words ‘forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,” to become just a tad apprehensive […]

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Have you heard this one? Moses & Jesus were out golfing. They came to a par three, 200 yard fairway that stretched over a water hazard. Jesus addresses the ball. Moses asks, “What club are you using?” “An eight iron” answers Jesus. “Not enough club,” says Moses. “But Tiger Woods uses […]

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What a wonderful world

So goes the song by Bob Thiele (who went by the name “George Douglas”) and George David Weiss. It was sung into immortality by Louis Armstrong.

I thought of this song as I was watching the morning news recently – there was a report about Roberta Ursrey and her husband, Brian Ursrey, of Panama City, who […]

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The Deeper Meaning of Life

Plutarch, a Greek biographer and philosopher, once wrote ”time is the wisest of all counselors”.

This may be one of the many reasons we reverence the “elders” of our community; they are seats of wisdom and insight. However, they offer even more than that – they hold within their beings a landscape of understanding that […]

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Guest Blogger: Dr. Charlotte Tomaino

This month, check out The Omega Center’s blog for a great article from Charlotte:

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