Spiritual Retreats & Programs for Catholics

Ever feel like slowing down for a bit...or being the catalyst for growth in mind, body and spirit in your organization? Spiritual retreats - reflection days - twilight suppers - missions - meditation - the arts - all of these and many more are opportunities to do just that. Consider any of the following Catholic programs, or let us help create a custom program for you.
An exploration deep into the mysteries we celebrate in the Mass; our most popular program!
Using a renewed understanding of time, wisdom from Scripture, practices like holy listening and good planning techniques, this experience will help us “go online” in a different way to develop a spiritual path to time management and goal planning
Examining the multi-leveled art & ministry of liturgical preparation; we provide a proven method of preparing all facets of liturgy well.
We become like the God we worship; this experience gives us an opportunity to examine our images of God and strengthen or adopt healthy images.
A formational experience into the ministry of Extraordinary Minister of Communion.
The Catechumenal Model of Catechesis: an overview of liturgical catechesis & how to use it to really make a difference in your parish or school.
A shorter version of the Spirit of the Liturgy experience; perfect for a morning or evening of reflection for liturgical ministers
The 40-Day Song That Changes Lives: Give your parish music ministry the gift of an experience rooted in the Lenten season that will nourish them as disciples and prepare them to serve the community more deeply and effectively
From acclamations to hymns & songs; from selecting music to preparing for rehearsals, we guide you through the process of preparing music for the rites we celebrate.
Discover how to engage the natural ritual and musical power of the child; great for catechists!
A hands-on approach to learning how to celebrate & catechize around the ritual symbols of our faith; get ready to get your hands dirty!
Explore the ministry of the cantor as a convergence of liturgical, musical & pastoral ministry
A widely popular retreat experience into the spiritual life of women – easily customizable to the needs and goals of the group.
This experience opens up the principal way we enter the paschal mystery: the liturgical year; we explore the history, the spirituality and the richness of symbol in our seasons, through which we join Jesus on the road to Jerusalem; the liturgical year can be presented as a whole or divided up into separate workshop experiences on each season
Bring your group to this workshop & you’ll notice a positive difference in their sound & ministry!
A formational experience into the ministry of Proclamation of God’s Word
Religion teachers & catechists eventually find themselves in the position of having to prepare a prayer service or school liturgy; with this workshop, you’ll learn how to do it like a pro! No prior experience necessary!
Noted educator Parker Palmer writes: “Vocation at its deepest level is, ‘This is something I can’t not do, for reasons I’m unable to explain to anyone else and don’t fully understand myself but are nonetheless compelling’.” In a reflective, informative and transformative experience, educators are invited to come in touch with their calling and their gifts as they dream dreams and set goals for the coming year. Teachers are agents of transformation not only of mind but of heart; give them the gift of this enlightening and nourishing program.

Here’s what one Catholic elementary school principal said about this experience:
“The Spirituality Day retreat led by Roger & Carol Pisani provided the faculty and staff at our school a wonderful opportunity to come closer as a faculty by sharing our faith and setting goals to accomplish together. Their program allowed us to bond as a faculty, refilled our spiritual “tank” and provoked us to think.”

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